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We are experts in gems & minerals & feature a wide range of unforgettable jewelry, gems and minerals at very competitive prices. Conveniently located on the Ithaca Commons, in downtown Ithaca NY

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We collect, curate and offer the best minerals, gems and jewelry available

We love what we do and take pride in locating & acquiring some of the most amazing rare earth elements, minerals, gems and jewelry will ever find. We have a large selection of samples that range from very low cost to nearly priceless. Come see us and get a glimpse into the power, beauty and pure energy of some of the best minerals, gems and jewlery we have found and perfected, just for you.

  • Minerals - We acquire the best raw materials direct from the source
  • Gems - Our gems are cut with precision by artisan craftsmen to bring out their unique quality and beauty.
  • Jewelry - We bring the very best out of all our source materials with our unique and beautiful jewelry.
  • Unforgettable Keepsakes & Gifts - If you are looking to take someone's breath away, or acquire an item you will want to keep forever, come see us. We have a large selection and offer a wide variety of unique & unforgettable items.

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We specialize in the world of jewelry, gems and minerals

We have two decades of experience in acquiring the best minerals, gems and jewelery from across the globe. We know the unique qualities of every gem and mineral known to man and can appraise items with expert percision. We source only the very best gems and minerals and treat each item with respect, care and precision as artisans.

Direct from the source

We have direct sources for some of the very best raw best raw minerals & gems and a network of experts to help us shape them into the amazing items we offer.

Artisans at Jewelry Craftsmanship

Our network of artisan gem cutters and jewelry crafters ensure we bring out the very best amazing unique characteristics of each item we come across.

Custom Gem Cutting and Jewelry Crafting

Have raw minerals or gems and want to have them cut or made into jewelery? We can evaluate your source material and let you know what the best options are to bring out the best quality final jewelery or cuts from your materials.

Respecting the Source and Material

We aspire to bring out the best of the raw beauty of the rare and breathtaking minerals and gems found deep in the ground all over planet earth and beyond.

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